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Gargoyle shifter Alec is enjoying a flight when he sees a mysterious green glow. When he goes to investigate, he's captured and locked in stone.

Will a witch free him from this dark curse?

"A sexy read with a built in adventure ride of a story that is well worth a reader’s time. Lisa Carlisle is a talented author who transports the reader into her magical world and sets it against the beauty of the Scottish Highlands that she describes with as much passion as her heroes and heroines share.”  ~ Night Owl Reviews

Main Tropes

  • Shifters in Kilts
  • Witch vs gargoyle
  • Forbidden Love
  • Cursed
  • Contemporary paranormal
  • Close proximity


His brothers have all found mates.Gavin won't make that same mistake.

But when he meets Fiona, he can't keep away.

Yet, she's human. Human.

And dangerous. She could expose the secrets of his clan.

Gavin should run from her, but flirting with danger is far too irresistible.

And he could never resist temptation…

If you like forbidden paranormal romance, escape to a mystical Scottish isle with the rock band of brothers, the Knights of Stone. Binge this complete series today!

  • Mason - a forbidden Scottish gargoyle shifter and witch romance
  • Lachlan - an enemies-to-lovers gargoyle and wolf shifter romance
  • Bryce - a gargoyle shifter protector romance
  • Seth - a Highland wolf shifter fated mates romance
  • Calum - a star-crossed gargoyle and pegasus shifter romance
  • Alec - a forbidden Highland gargoyle and witch romance
  • Gavin - a gargoyle rockstar romance


Gavin prowled through the club in Inverness, fired up for the show to start. Not only was he anticipating the usual rush of performing on stage but, also, the question that had haunted him for six weeks would be answered tonight.

Would she come?

He glanced around the venue. It was like many others they'd played in--a stocked bar, small tables, and a stage. The overhead lights bore down with a garish glow. The club lacked the magic of dimmed lights, the spotlights that shined on stage, and the crowd clamoring to get close. The biggest difference about this club was that it was imprinted with memories of Fiona, the bonnie lass with hair the colors of the setting sun.

Since he'd returned to the Isle of Stone six weeks ago, he couldn't scrub her from his mind. As he rested and watched the sun descend, he thought of her hair. When he soared over the ocean, the swirl of blues and green reminded him of her eyes.

He inhaled, a futile attempt to discern if her feminine scent still lingered. Instead, he was hit with the rancid aroma of alcohol, which seemed ingrained in the wood panels. He climbed onto the stage where his brothers prepared for tonight's set and grabbed his guitar to tune it.

"Hey, Gavin," his brother Calum said, as he twirled the mic stand. "You're acting all mopey again. Not like yourself. We're all wondering what's going on? Did you pick up Mad Cow disease or something like that?"

Gavin pulled his brows together as he eyed his youngest brother, who pulled his signature long blond hair into a ponytail.

"Why do you say that?" Gavin asked. As a gargoyle shifter, they couldn't contract human illnesses.

"Because it's not like you to let your shaft get cold for long," Calum teased.

His brothers laughed with agreements like, "True," and "Must be a record."

Gavin grumbled. The truth to those words rankled him. He wasn't acting like himself at all. He shouldn't let one lass get under his skin--especially a human--but somehow this vivacious woman had gotten to him.

Fiona. He often repeated her name in his head like some lovesick puppy. Ridiculous. He should have known better than to set up expectations six weeks ago by suggesting they meet up the next time he was in town. No, he did know better. He'd broken his own rule by opening his big, fat gob and saying he wanted to see her. They'd already spent three nights together.

Was he off his head? Aye, that sounded about right.

He wasn't soft like his brothers, besotted by one woman. They'd abandoned their drive to explore the world and discover all its wonders. But, not him. He yearned to experience it all.What could he do to rid himself of the compulsion to be near her?

Sleep with her again. That was the answer--the only way to get her out of his system.

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