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Dark Velvet

Dark Velvet

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He's a gifted sculptor, a successful billionaire, and insanely attractive--in other words, out of her league.

The way he looks at Savannah from those smoldering eyes does nothing to stifle her forbidden desire.

But then she discovers his dark secret, and it might cost her life...

“An Enchanting Story, as rich and sexy as Dark Velvet  - This is a seductive Gothic tale that will draw you in from the first page.”

“...insanely hot chemistry between the female protagonist Savannah & vampire Antoine.  Their intensity starts off right away and you're not a chapter in before it takes off like a rocket!”

“Sexy, dark, full of intrigue, art, and paranormal sexiness, Dark Velvet has it all in one hot package!”

Main Tropes

  • Vampire
  • Billionaire
  • Forbidden attraction
  • Billionaire
  • Forbidden attraction
  • Age gap


He's a gifted sculptor. A successful billionaire. And insanely attractive.

Completely out of the league of a struggling grad student.

Savannah shouldn't think of Antoine as anything other than her benefactor. He's a gifted sculptor who owns the art colony. She's only there due to his generosity.

The way he looks at her from those smoldering eyes does nothing to stifle this forbidden attraction.

But when she discovers his secret, the truth is overwhelming.

Can she walk away?

Distracted by this decision, she's blind to the danger on the island.

And the cost just might be her life.

Join the fans who have discovered a world unlike any other in Lisa Carlisle's series with vampires, gargoyles, and wolf shifters!

Full of fiery, forbidden romance and irresistible, misunderstood heroes, this series will captivate fans of steamy paranormal romance and lovers of all things gothic!


Savannah’s fingers traced the cool marble of the
god’s muscular back and then the definition in his
arm as he drew an arrow to shoot. She pictured Antoine bent
over the sculpture, brows furrowed in concentration, losing
sense of time as he polished each portion to perfection.

“Do you like this?” A deep voice whispering in her ear startled her.

She jumped at the sound of his voice, bumping back into his
hard chest, and he caught her upper arms to steady her. Only
one man in the castle spoke in that smooth French accent—
the sculptor himself.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Antoine.” She fumbled taking a half step
forward, away from him. “I shouldn’t have touched it.”

“No, don’t apologize.” He let go of her arms, but his warm
breath tickled her ear.

He took her hand, caressing her palm, which sent tingles up
her arm. Her bottom lip quivered as he brought her fingers to rest again on the marble piece. She thanked the gods he
remained behind her so he couldn’t witness her nervous
reaction, and she bit her lip to halt the tremors.

This was not the way for a young protégée to behave in front
of her benefactor. He owned the castle, created the art
colony here where she was attending on a poetry scholarship
—she shouldn’t go gaga simply from his touch. Which was
exactly what she was doing.

“It pleases me that you appreciate my work.” Leading her
fingers down the figure’s chiseled chest, he leaned in closer and added, “I liked watching you admire it.”

His voice alone sent flames rippling through her. Every
nerve in her lit with awareness in reaction to him. In the
weeks since they’d met, they’d never been alone in such
proximity. Weeks of heated looks from afar had inflamed her
desire so the slightest touch became intimate, strengthening
her need for more.

Sounds of approaching voices indicated this evening’s
performance in the chateau would soon begin. Several of the
musicians in the art colony had collaborated on orchestral
pieces they wanted to play in front of an audience for the
first time. As fellow artists in residence, they sought the
support of fellow residents.

Antoine kissed her hand like a suitor in a bygone era. “I hope
you enjoy the concert, Savannah.”

Her lips parted while she thought of what to say. Words tripped over each other in her brain.
When she mustered up the courage to face him, he had
already left the room. She exhaled. The space before her lost its vibrancy with his sudden absence.

Several times over the course of the evening, Savannah caught Antoine’s dark eyes watching her. Her emotions roiled in confusion while the performers played Barber’s Adagio for Strings. The way he held her gaze without blinking made her squirm in the burgundy armchair. The rising tension and resolution from the violin and cello underscored
her tumultuous emotions.

She smiled at him briefly and focused on the musicians, aware
of how her heartbeat had escalated. After breathing in a deep inhale, the scent of the room filled her. The distinctive aroma that suffused much of the castle reminded her of a classic
library and art museum combined with the outdoor wilderness and coastal setting that seemed to permeate the stone.

A fragrance as classic and wild and compelling as the sculptor who inhabited the castle.
When she glanced again at Antoine, he still watched her
unabashed, as if unconcerned about what the others would
think. Oh, to have such confidence. Did that come with age? Experience?

He took a sip of wine, nodded her way, and then returned his
attention to the musicians. She sat up straighter and crossed
her legs at the ankles, then uncrossed them, and crossed
them again. Her awareness of him roused her senses, bathing
her in simmering sensuality. The low, flattering light from the sconces, the emotive instrumentals, the luxurious scents that surrounded her—they all partnered to create a scene of

The attraction was becoming more difficult to ignore. In
light of how he breached the physical distance by touching
her so earlier, she feared she’d be unable to keep her desires
hidden much longer...

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