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A gargoyle in need of a mission...

The curse is finally broken, Yet for Mattias, freedom never felt so empty.

A werewolf in search of a cure.

Rachel heads into an underground club to pick up an elixir from a witch but her fate is changed when she meets Mattias...

Dive into this paranormal romance in the Underground Encounters series. Step into a hidden world of shifters, vampires, witches, and even gargoyles. Who will capture your heart tonight?

Main Tropes

  • Gargoyle shifter
  • Werewolf
  • Lost souls
  • Witch
  • Magic
  • Protector


A gargoyle shifter rockstar romance!

A computer geek turned rock star, Mike is good with numbers and his guitar. People, not so much. So when a bouncer at a goth club urges him to get a woman to safety, he’s not sure how to respond.

When he discovers she’s been bitten and her neck is bleeding, something wakes inside of Mike. He’s compelled to protect her. But why?

Yoga instructor Allana is horrified when she runs into Mike again, but he doesn’t recognize her. The humiliation burns. She tries to get away from him, but he insists she's in danger and must leave the club with him...

Dive into this paranormal rock romance in the Underground Encounters series. Step into a hidden world of shifters, vampires, witches, and even gargoyles. Who will capture your heart tonight?


Mattias turned his attention back to the bar to order another drink. A woman sitting a few stools down caught his attention. Her dark hair fell in loose waves hiding half of her pale face, but it didn’t hide her worried expression. She twisted the cocktail napkin with trembling hands.

What distressed her?

She appeared to be alone. Wearing all black from head-to-toe was common in this club, but he sensed she had a different intention. While those who shimmied seductively out on the dance floor strove to be noticed, she pulled her black wrap around her as if she wanted to be cloaked. A worry line furrowed between her brows as she searched the club.

A guy with spiky black hair and goth makeup stepped beside her. By his swagger, Mattias sensed the man would hit on her within the next ten seconds.

It took four.

The man leaned close to her ear and said something. With a wide smile, he appeared confident that whatever he said was clever.

Mattias growled.

Odd. How many times had he witnessed a similar scenario? He shouldn’t have had that possessive response.

“What are you staring at?” Lucan asked.

“Just the usual entertainment. Boy meets girl. Girl flirts or shoots him down. Boy walks away with girl or defeated and alone. I’m hoping this one strikes out.”

The way the woman squirmed aided his case. She responded without much enthusiasm in her expression and looked away. The guy didn’t seem to read her lack of interest.

“My betting days are over,” Lucan said. “Now that we are free, it’s time to pay more interest in our own affairs rather than others.”

“True,” Mattias agreed.

Yet, less than ten seconds passed before he dragged his gaze back to her. The guy was gone. Too bad. Mattias missed the moment when she’d shot him down.

What was wrong with him? Why did he care about that fate of a yet another potential hook up at this club? It meant nothing to him. She meant nothing to him.

“I’ll be right back,” he told his brothers.

He approached the woman. What the hell are you doing? he asked himself.

He ignored his internal voice and continued to walk over.

What the hell are you doing? He repeated.

My duty, he snapped back. I need to make sure she’s all right.

Great, now he was arguing with himself over a complete stranger.

Despite the potent scents of alcohol and perspiration, her subtle fragrance wafted to him. He inhaled it more deeply. A tantalizing swirl of vanilla and nutmeg and wildflowers suffused his brain, triggering a torrent of desire. He stifled a moan of pleasure.

This might have been a bad idea.

He closed his eyes and continued his internal debate. Should he proceed?

Or run?

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